The Colour Of Magic [Book Review]

Book cover - The Colour Of Magic by Terry PratchettThis tale of a failed and yet powerful magician who gets cornered into going on an unintended journey with a naive tourist is a classic by Terry Pratchett. It’s a comedy of errors in which Rincewind (the magician, or is he?) and Twoflower (the tourist) stumble from one dangerous episode to the next. What sets this book apart from so many in the genre is Pratchett’s ability to tell a lighthearted, humorous fantasy story without reducing it to a spoof. Pratchett’s wry sense of humour is delivered with a deft touch so as not to diminish the drama of Rincewind and Twoflower’s adventures. In fact, when he makes a joke in the book, it’s as if he’s sitting with his arm around your shoulder while the two of you laugh at it together.

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That Little Voice

I imagine it sounds a little different to everyone but anyone that’s tried to edit their own writing will have heard it in some form. In my head the voice says ‘no really, that bit is just fine’. Sure enough, every time I ask someone to test read my work, those are the first bits to get picked out. They always end up having to be  changed or removed. When my Writing lecturer started to talk about the voice in a lecture on editing, it made me nod and smile because I knew the truth of it from my own experience. Janice Hardy‘s, Killer Instincts: Trusting Your Writer’s Compass brings the message home.

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Rental Crisis

One of the inconveniences of living in a rental property is the occasional rental inspection by the landlord or, more typically, the real estate agent. (Is there a fake estate agent?) Our property, fondly know to us as our home, endures such an inspection twice each year. I see the doctor less often than that. Normally, it’s not such a big deal but recently…

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That’s Incredible

Patty Jansen gives us food for thought on the notion of credibility in science fiction. Wrapped in explanations on the nature of communications and distances in space she highlights the importance of writing convincing stories and encourages us to consider the implications of the scenes we set. Treating her post Communication in space as the beginning of an always relevant discussion, we’ll expand on her theme with some minor variations.
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