Photo Finish

It was meant to be a typical lunch-break errand. You go out. You get it done. You go back. Getting a passport photo should be as easy as that.
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For the Love of Slarck [Science Fiction]

This post has been temporarily removed in the hope of getting this story published. It will appear here again one day.

Please contact me if you have any enquiries about this story.

A Pragmatic Perspective of Lurve

Some people never find love, others don’t want it but for most it is a thing to be sought after and worked on. A friend posted this quote on Facebook;

“So don’t fall in love, there’s just too much to lose. If you’re given the choice then I’m begging you please to walk away, walk away”.

It made me sit up. Maybe they like the source of the quote but I found the sentiment so wrong that I felt compelled to respond.

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Turnovers, Tarts & Dumplings [Found Poem]

For my writing tutorial this week we have been asked to write a ‘found poem’ from a one page recipe we were given last week. The rules were:

  • You must use only words from the recipe page, except,
  • you can add small words like; the, and, when, a to make sense of the poem and
  • you can change the tense or the form of words, e.g. make singular plural, and
  • you can reuse words as often as you like.

Here’s what I came up with from my recipe for Peach Pocket Dumplings.

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Why Do I Have A Blog?

It had occurred to me that some people might wonder why, as a first year writing student, I already have a blog. Ambitious, pretentious, presumptuous; possibly. I had written a rather lengthy post about publicity, web site traffic, even domain ageing. But then…

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The Colour Of Magic [Book Review]

Book cover - The Colour Of Magic by Terry PratchettThis tale of a failed and yet powerful magician who gets cornered into going on an unintended journey with a naive tourist is a classic by Terry Pratchett. It’s a comedy of errors in which Rincewind (the magician, or is he?) and Twoflower (the tourist) stumble from one dangerous episode to the next. What sets this book apart from so many in the genre is Pratchett’s ability to tell a lighthearted, humorous fantasy story without reducing it to a spoof. Pratchett’s wry sense of humour is delivered with a deft touch so as not to diminish the drama of Rincewind and Twoflower’s adventures. In fact, when he makes a joke in the book, it’s as if he’s sitting with his arm around your shoulder while the two of you laugh at it together.

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