I’m going with the Flow

I have never kept bees, though I have wanted to for some time now. So when a shiny new bandwagon came barrelling towards me, I hopped right on and pre-purchased a Flow Hive as part of the phenomenal Indiegogo campaign that broke records in a matter of days. In case you didn’t know, two guys in Byron Bay came up with a new design for harvesting honey from a beehive by simply turning on a tap. They created an Indiegogo campaign to raise $70,000. Within 72 hours they’d raised over $2 million breaking previous Indiegogo records for both the one and the two million dollar marks in the shortest time. It caused quite a stir.

Beekeeping forums are buzzing with heated debates about this new design with the primary concern of objectors being the bees’ welfare. This is in spite of the designers promoting one of the features of their new hive as reducing disturbance to the bees. Granted, this could just be marketing hype on the part of the inventors, but anyone who knows just a little about traditional methods of harvesting honey from a beehive will be able to see the truth of this statement when they see how the Flow Hive works. So, what’s the problem?

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Freedom of speech revisited

I wrote in an earlier post about freedom of speech that it means ‘you can say whatever … you want without going to jail.’ I am an admin for a well trafficked Facebook group and recent experience in that role has resulted in a rethink about what freedom of speech really means to me.

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I’m not a human being

The question I try to get my kids to ask themselves is not ‘what do you want to be?’, but ‘what do you want to do?’ because life isn’t about being. Photographer, CEO, games developer are not things that we are, they’re things that we do. The problem with thinking about them as things we are is that they become trophies. ‘If I’m a photographer, people will admire me.’ ‘If I’m a CEO I will have power and money.’ These are just side effects of doing the things that earn you one of these titles. They arise from doing and most of a working life is spent doing. So if you’re focused on the the side effects rather than the actual tasks, you’re at great risk of being disappointed, unhappy and possibly not actually becoming the thing you thought you wanted to be.
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Viking Pledge

The count-down has begun. It’s less than three months until I leave for a study tour of Scandinavia with more than twenty other writing students. Now, contrary to appearances, this is not just a government funded jaunt. This is a full credit subject that counts towards my degree and as such it has assessment and expectations. It has to be taken seriously. With that in mind I’ve decided to grow my beard in honour of the Vikings. Stay with me, there is a logic to this. Continue reading “Viking Pledge”