I’m not a human being

The question I try to get my kids to ask themselves is not ‘what do you want to be?’, but ‘what do you want to do?’ because life isn’t about being. Photographer, CEO, games developer are not things that we are, they’re things that we do. The problem with thinking about them as things we are is that they become trophies. ‘If I’m a photographer, people will admire me.’ ‘If I’m a CEO I will have power and money.’ These are just side effects of doing the things that earn you one of these titles. They arise from doing and most of a working life is spent doing. So if you’re focused on the the side effects rather than the actual tasks, you’re at great risk of being disappointed, unhappy and possibly not actually becoming the thing you thought you wanted to be.
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Freedom of speech?

People attempt to use this phrase to excuse all manner of sins. Some would like to argue that Alan Jones is being deprived of his freedom of speech because he has come under attack for his comments about women in positions of power. What a load of pathetic crap.

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Anatomical correctness

One should not underestimate the importance of good digestion to the Norwegians. This cautionary sculpture is located outside of the Oslo central station as a reminder to all. The poor unfortunate, whose colon provided the inspiration for this educational piece, attracted much unwanted attention from physicians.




Viking Pledge

The count-down has begun. It’s less than three months until I leave for a study tour of Scandinavia with more than twenty other writing students. Now, contrary to appearances, this is not just a government funded jaunt. This is a full credit subject that counts towards my degree and as such it has assessment and expectations. It has to be taken seriously. With that in mind I’ve decided to grow my beard in honour of the Vikings.┬áStay with me, there is a logic to this. Read More »

Escape Pod [Review]

As a city dweller ex-pat, now living in a remote coastal town, I spend a lot of time utilising automotive transportation to travel to the big city. Being as I am, I tend to fill every square inch of my life with activities. What was needed was a way to make these high speed, yet relatively idle hours, more productive. Enter podcasts. More specifically, sci-fi podcasts. Even more specifically, one sci-fi podcast – Escape Pod.

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Modern Crusaders – Intellectual Fascists

A group calling themselves Friends of Science in Medicine have taken it upon themselves to tell us what we can study, what therapies we can and can’t use and what our health insurance should be spent on. Apparently we are not to be trusted to make these decisions for ourselves. No doubt they believe they’re our knights in shining armour saving us from ourselves but I seriously question their motives and their understanding of their own science.

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