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Why Do I Have A Blog?

It had occurred to me that some people might wonder why, as a first year writing student, I already have a blog. Ambitious, pretentious, presumptuous; possibly. I had written a rather lengthy post about publicity, web site traffic, even domain ageing. But then…

That Little Voice

I imagine it sounds a little different to everyone but anyone that’s tried to edit their own writing will have heard it in some form. In my head the voice says ‘no really, that bit is just fine’. Sure enough, every time I ask someone to test read my work, those are the first bits […]

That’s Incredible

Patty Jansen gives us food for thought on the notion of credibility in science fiction. Wrapped in explanations on the nature of communications and distances in space she highlights the importance of writing convincing stories and encourages us to consider the implications of the scenes we set. Treating her post Communication in space as the […]

  • About The Book of Pete

    This is a place to practice. It's an ongoing warts 'n all exercise intended to push me forward. Self-indulgent? Yes but hopefully as time passes the content will improve and something here will entertain you.