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Trump, Hanson and the Dunning-Kruger effect

Claims like Trump is evil or insane, or that his supporters are dumb and ignorant are divisive and designed to enable left-wing intellectuals like myself to ignore the real reasons why the likes of Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson have so many supporters. This kind of name calling deliberately mythologises real human beings who have […]

Sexual favours and bull semen

Okay guys, heads up and listen in. This is a rare and special deal. Libby, my wife, is offering me sexual favours commensurate with my performance in her Pozible campaign. In other words, the more money I raise for the campaign, the slinkier and sexier favours I get. Boys, I’m going to the promised land. […]

I’m going with the Flow

I have never kept bees, though I have wanted to for some time now. So when a shiny new bandwagon came barrelling towards me, I hopped right on and pre-purchased a Flow Hive as part of the phenomenal Indiegogo campaign that broke records in a matter of days. In case you didn’t know, two guys […]

Freedom of speech revisited

I wrote in an earlier post about freedom of speech that it means ‘you can say whatever … you want without going to jail.’ I am an admin for a well trafficked Facebook group and recent experience in that role has resulted in a rethink about what freedom of speech really means to me.

I’m not a human being

The question I try to get my kids to ask themselves is not ‘what do you want to be?’, but ‘what do you want to do?’ because life isn’t about being. Photographer, CEO, games developer are not things that we are, they’re things that we do. The problem with thinking about them as things we […]

Freedom of speech?

People attempt to use this phrase to excuse all manner of sins. Some would like to argue that Alan Jones is being deprived of his freedom of speech because he has come under attack for his comments about women in positions of power. What a load of pathetic crap.

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