I wish to be a better writer. This is my exercise book, my place of practice, my test bed. I believe we learn most from our mistakes and I’m not afraid to make them (that’s a warning btw). Perhaps it’s just as well. Feel free to tell me what you think. Good, bad and ugly. All feedback is welcome. The audience is important to me. To me good writing requires audience appeal.

As of this year (2011) I’m studying for a BA in Professional and Creative Writing. Previously I have completed a Diploma of Visual Art (Painting). I’ve also studied undergraduate philosophy, computer science and physics. I’ve spent the last 15 years building web sites and web applications. The Japanese martial art of Kendo is a major part of my life.

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  • About The Book of Pete

    This is a place to practice. It's an ongoing warts 'n all exercise intended to push me forward. Self-indulgent? Yes but hopefully as time passes the content will improve and something here will entertain you.