I Remember [15 min. fiction]

I believe it is possible to pump up one’s writing muscles like a body builder preparing for a … whatever it is body builders are preparing for. For this reason I’m trying to write a 15 minute fiction everyday. Trying; not succeeding everyday but that’s okay. I’m writing more than I was prior to the new exercise regime so that’s a good thing. (My current fiction teacher may be less forgiving and I appreciate her all the more for it.) Most of it will never see the light of day and, as I write, I’m imagining your gratitude for that. But I thought this piece might not be so bad. Hopefully there will be more that can be allowed out to bask in the glow of peoples’ screens. Rest assured, I will let you know if I think there are.

My latest rep. (that’s fitness geek for repetition), my latest rep. on the bench press is called I Remember and is published over at {A Further Space}. I hope you will let me know what you think of it in the comments section below this. Feel free to be critical. Constructive criticism is the most helpful you can be.

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