Freedom of speech?

People attempt to use this phrase to excuse all manner of sins. Some would like to argue that Alan Jones is being deprived of his freedom of speech because he has come under attack for his comments about women in positions of power. What a load of pathetic crap.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to say whatever the fuck you want without consequences. It means you can say whatever the fuck you want without going to jail. Is Alan Jones in jail for what he said? No; he has freedom of speech. Is he experiencing a tirade of objections? Yes; what he said was foolish and unjustified and he should face the consequences.

I can say that because to judge a person’s capacity to do any job on the basis of some group they belong to is foolish and unjustified. Gender, religion, sexuality, cultural background or other spurious grouping are demonstrably not criteria for an individual’s capacity in any respect-this is unjustified. To make a judgement about a person on any of these grounds is guaranteed to attract criticism and rebuke-this is foolish.

As trite as it may sound, freedom does come with a responsibility. When you are free to make a choice, you must be prepared to accept the consequences of that choice. Some very few people are in the privileged postion of being able to avoid the consequences of their choices. This is a problem and should not be allowed beause when those people avoid the consequences someone else pays for them.

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  1. numerous thumbs up !!!!! jones & abbot seems 2 b responding 2 polling that suggests 80 percent of oz blokes have a prob with women in authority – jones is an idiot & whether abbot is or is not mysoginist is beside the point – he’s playing 2 a demographic that is – the ALP seems 2 b playing a longer,broader game of ‘ do we want
    a country that is still this patriarchal/mysoginist ?’

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