Turnovers, Tarts & Dumplings [Found Poem]

For my writing tutorial this week we have been asked to write a ‘found poem’ from a one page recipe we were given last week. The rules were:

  • You must use only words from the recipe page, except,
  • you can add small words like; the, and, when, a to make sense of the poem and
  • you can change the tense or the form of words, e.g. make singular plural, and
  • you can reuse words as often as you like.

Here’s what I came up with from my recipe for Peach Pocket Dumplings.

Turnovers, Tarts & Dumplings

hearts combine to seal warmth
find time to reduce chill
sugar coated dumplings bring warmth
and turnover
peaches peeled
    cut by nuts
        coated in butter
blended in equal amounts
spoon together over remaining minutes

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