Monthly Archives: June 2011

That Little Voice

I imagine it sounds a little different to everyone but anyone that’s tried to edit their own writing will have heard it in some form. In my head the voice says ‘no really, that bit is just fine’. Sure enough, every time I ask someone to test read my work, those are the first bits […]

Rental Crisis

One of the inconveniences of living in a rental property is the occasional rental inspection by the landlord or, more typically, the real estate agent. (Is there a fake estate agent?) Our property, fondly know to us as our home, endures such an inspection twice each year. I see the doctor less often than that. […]

  • About The Book of Pete

    This is a place to practice. It's an ongoing warts 'n all exercise intended to push me forward. Self-indulgent? Yes but hopefully as time passes the content will improve and something here will entertain you.