Monthly Archives: February 2011

That’s Incredible

Patty Jansen gives us food for thought on the notion of credibility in science fiction. Wrapped in explanations on the nature of communications and distances in space she highlights the importance of writing convincing stories and encourages us to consider the implications of the scenes we set. Treating her post Communication in space as the […]

Warnie Meet Hurley. Hurley Meet Warnie

Is this really a surprise? Shane Warne and Liz Hurley. The Age asks How. Does. He Do.It. and goes on to reveal his ‘secret’. Mind you, it is fitting that his secret comes straight from a famous US comedy. But here is an alternative theory.

I Got A New Phone

So I recently signed myself up for an iPhone 4. I’m telling myself “yay” as I’ve been jealously playing with my wife’s phone while I waited for my contract to end. But have I done the right thing?

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