So Much Has Changed

Its a classic tale oft heard. Lamented by young and old though for different reasons. As we get older our vision of time expands. Time is money to some but to me it’s just change. So when we can see more time we see more change.

The phrase is often spoken with a tone of lamentation. Hints of regret and nostalgia. Not me (he says puffing his chest up with foolish pride). To me the notion comes with a sense of awe and excitement. Change is what makes life interesting. It’s the unexpected, the fresh and new. Sometimes it’s the repetition of change back that comes with a cycle or spiral as the case may be.

Change is worth marking. It brings our attention to the now by casting it in contrast to the then and it reminds us that change happens. Remembering that it happens tells us that we must learn to go with it. Unless you’re the kind of person who likes to swim against the current. Even so, it helps to know the current if you wish to fight it.

How do we go with it? We have to change too. Bend and twist and turn with the currents of change. Hard/soft, quick/slow, straight/bent, up/down. If you can change quickly and easily then you can ride the rapids of change. Its a lot of fun.

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  1. Here is my reflection on your change Pete:
    Change is a mark of our universe.
    Love is all there is.
    In the beginning was Nothing.
    Nothing is Love the singularity. Which
    Exploded into our universe to experience what Love is.
    Love never change.
    To love is to accept what is,
    As well as what is not.

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