In Memoriam

This is in memory of Cyberia Snow a dear virtual friend who is recently deleted. Cyberia was a fun loving, sporty girl with a fish like fondness for a drink. She lived in that special place of the alter ego where one is free to say what they believe and what they don’t believe but might be fun to say anyway. We should all have an alter ego like Cyberia to blow off the pressure of social conformity and spread our emotional  wings without fear of recriminations.

The loss of someone like Cyberia is like coming to the end of a really good book. You understand that you will never know anything more about that world or the lives of the characters in it. Cyberia’s story is ended. No more will we hear (read) Cyberia’s unfettered and deliberately adulterated voice telling us of her life and views. It makes no difference that Cyberia was a virtual persona or perhaps it makes the best kind of difference. The virtual persona is free of the normal social constraints. We can all do with some of that from time to time.


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  1. BTW, Cyberia Snow was not my virtual persona. She belonged to a dear friend of mine who is still alive and well. Thankfully.

  2. Well said. It’s amazing how you can let some one you don’t personally know get so close. And then they leave you with a little hole in your social life, impossible to easily replace. 🙂

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