Hello World.

In celebration of being accepted to a creative writing degree I have finally set-up a WordPress site to encourage myself to practice and others to give me feedback. The Book of Pete as a name, speaks for itself. I hope.  This site will be a note book, test site, motivator to remind me to write regularly. Even if it’s just short. Too much time between posts signals a lack of attention to another thing I have decided to practice. I make no promises save one and that one promise is to myself. It is to write to this site as often and as much as I possibly can. This is my grindstone. Here comes my nose.

Not surprisingly the subject foremost in my mind is the impending return to study. It’s been many years since I last went to Uni. Too many I think. Study is a lifelong pursuit. Not just something you do when you’re young to get a job. However not going to Uni does not mean I have not been studying. On the contrary, I’m constantly studying and I love it. Life’s too short. The world is rich. Being is Becoming.

That’s the tag I chose for this site. I originally heard it as a philosophical proposition and it resonated with me. The more I learn the more I believe this phrase. Even though someone may be considered a ‘master’ of something, no one ever stops learning, perfecting, enhancing unless they let themselves. Those of us who strive for improvement in the things we do are always ‘becoming’. Becoming is the process, the path or the way. I enjoy nothing more than becoming. It is in everything that I do.

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