Monthly Archives: January 2011

In Memoriam

This is in memory of Cyberia Snow a dear virtual friend who is recently deleted. Cyberia was a fun loving, sporty girl with a fish like fondness for a drink. She lived in that special place of the alter ego where one is free to say what they believe and what they don’t believe but […]

Pocket Money

Walker blasts Doyle’s ‘dump the GP’ call. The boys fight it out for control of the playground and the pocket money. But who will win? It’s up to Dad to decide.

The Exit is Through the Gift Shop

And the bouncers at the other end will hold you upside down by your ankles to shake the last bits of change from your pockets. Do you find it rude when tourist attractions and other services make it clear that they’re not happy until they’ve sucked every last cent out of you?

So Much Has Changed

Its a classic tale oft heard. Lamented by young and old though for different reasons. As we get older our vision of time expands. Time is money to some but to me it’s just change. So when we can see more time we see more change.

Hello World.

In celebration of being accepted to a creative writing degree I have finally set-up a WordPress site to encourage myself to practice and others to give me feedback. The Book of Pete as a name, speaks for itself. I hope. ┬áThis site will be a note book, test site, motivator to remind me to write […]

  • About The Book of Pete

    This is a place to practice. It's an ongoing warts 'n all exercise intended to push me forward. Self-indulgent? Yes but hopefully as time passes the content will improve and something here will entertain you.